The “Victorian Affair” evening Couture wear collection is inspired by the Victorian era in England and by its parallel phase in France, “Le Belle Epoque”. These periods were characterized by changes and innovations in various fields, such as the Industrial Revolution. The day to day atmosphere was recognized with optimism and national security. In this context, our collection is undoubtedly and proudly characterizing the Victorian era’s fashion, with a range of signature Victorian motifs dresses that involves as well, modern, innovative techniques, lines and figures to fit the contemporary fashion lover.

You’ll find a handful of high collars, medallions, puffed sleeves, dramatic cuts, special adorned corsets, extremely long trains (1-3 feet!) and skirts rich in fabrics, a mixture of laces, ornaments and careful details. We also gathered a few “tea gowns” inspired gowns which are sheer and transparent and gowns which are solely dedicated to designer Jean-Marjane Lacroix, that challenged the victorian style and made a change of how we perceive femininity through clothes.

The color palette is of deep colors such as Black, shades of Black, warm Gold and Bronze, Hot Red and various antique pinks and smokey purples, most of which are hand dyed to emphasize the depth of the century. We have integrated fabric dyeing techniques and implementation embossed silicone, alongside the use of antique, original embroidery, from the 1890’s, made by Lesage.

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