About us

Our Vision

Galia Lahav will provide women of all ages and countries, hand-made, couture clothing, that will create a personal, sensory and empowering experience, leading the change in body image discourse and the global perception of "femininity." Our fashion consumers will feel beautiful, whilst maximizing their fashionable and physical potential.

Women who purchase a GL garment will be women who embrace their bodies to maximum sensuality.

The Brand

Galia Lahav House of Couture is a house of fashion, evening and bridal couture gowns, which masters the art of creating luxury garments. The brand is known for it's body contouring and fitted silhouettes that guarantee a perfect fit.


What makes us SPECIAL?

Our collections have a unique and spectacular modern style. Small details are emphasized, and the sewing quality is sewn by luxurious fabrics made especially for us. Our famous illusion backs, cascading silk tulle skirts and European exclusively blended laces, are what made the brand a household name in the high end fashion world.

Our designs are innovative and original, always one step ahead, and up-to-date with the latest trends which are always portrayed in good taste and not for the sake a trend.

We follow cultural trends and put our emphasis in keeping the brand original and elevated. So we can proudly say that our house of fashion determines a high standard for elite fashion, in Israel and worldwide.

Galia Lahav


Galia Lahav is a world-renowned designer with over 30 years of establishment in couture dresses. Galia was born in Russia into a family of seamstresses. From a young age, she has had a strong passion for sewing and designing. Through many years of teaching arts and crafts, she developed the desire to turn her artwork into fashion and soon after created her brand.
She is presently considered to be one of world’s leading designers customizing lavish gowns for high profile celebrities and aristocratic women abroad. As her name is recognized worldwide, she always remains true to her origins as a designer showcasing romantic and dramatic elements through each captivating gown.


Our Studio

Galia Lahav’s atelier is located in the heart of Israel, Tel Aviv. The studio consists of over 100 employees with teams of specialists that are experts in their field. Everything from the cutting, sewing, designing, beading, marketing, communications and more is done in-house. Galia believes that all elements of creating a bridal dress must be intimate and personal and makes it her philosophy to keep her gowns under custom made standards.